Due to circumstantial changes in our boarding service from 28 October 2013 we will not be offering home boarding to the following breeds





Japanese fighting breeds

German Shepherds


Bull Mastiffs

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

English Bull Terriers



Great Danes

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

St Bernard's

Burmese Mountain dogs

Pit bulls

American Bulldogs

Any extra sized or unusually large dog (if unsure you may ring us but if your dog is as big as some of the breeds mentioned above, we generally will not accept due to space and also accommodating small and standard breeds who may not cope well in the presence of a more powerfully built dog}

Any dog that is on the UK banned dogs list


Please be further aware that we cannot take any dog regardless of breed that shows signs of aggression upon initial meeting, we have turned standard and smaller breed dogs down on this basis alone


Please do not ask as refusal often offends