Do you have a whiffy dog?


Do you want your dog washed whilst they stay with us?

Do you struggle to wash them yourself for one reason or another?


Are you looking for a just a washing and brushing service as you have a moulting dog?


Although we take great care to wash paws and towel dry dogs as standard when they stay with us which benefits the dogs and our environment also,intensive washing and brushing can take some time and a lot of physical effort.


On this basis we now offer a dog washing, blow dry and full body brush service.Whilst we make every effort to keep your dogs as clean as possible during their stay with us, dogs being dogs, like to mess around in the mucky stuff sometimes !


So if you want your dog washed when they are here with us then we can offer you a full washing and brushing service presenting you with a fully fragrant pooch allowing for you and them time to catch up on all those cuddles you both have missed whilst you have been apart !


Why not book them in for a full head to toe wash, blow dry and brush when they stay with us and before they return home ?




£15 for small to medium breeds  for example yorkies or spaniels


£20 Large breeds for example labradors, collies


A selection of specialist shampoos,depending on skin type and chosen by you