DOGGY DEMENTIA (canine cognitive dysfunction)




Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is a very real medical illness in dogs, caused by chemical changes in the brain, a good way to understand it is if you think of it as a type of dementia for dogs.


Not all dogs who are old will develop this illness and you may be putting some of the signs down to ' just old age'


But did you know there is treatment for your pet?

A Vet can prescribe medication to help alleviate the symptoms and only a Vet can diagnose Canine Cognitive Dysfunction


So if you suspect its more than just old age, make an appointment to see the Vet, theres a lot that can be done to help your devoted companion cope with this sometimes devastating illness


                            Some of the more common symptoms of Canine cognitive Dysfunction


  • Suddenly urinating or leaving feaces in the house when previously they have been house trained, not indicating to out in the garden to urinate or pass feaces
  • Staring into space for a long period of time, confusion, getting stuck in corners and behind furniture and not finding their way out
  • Not recognising familiar places or faces, no longer greets you enthusiastically or even at all
  • Disorientation
  • Interaction...they may be less interactive with you and your family, not responding to touch or petting, not interested in being fussed, walks away from you
  • Sleep disturbance, sleeps more in the day, less at night, pacing, barking at night for no reason, wandering about at night (in humans this is commonly known as sun-downing)
  • loses interest in food and drinking

Of course these are just a few of the symptoms if in doubt visit your vet who will be able to provide more advice


                                             HOW CAN COVENTRYDOGS HELP ?


As part of our team we have the added advantage of having a fully trained dementia professional who is now applying her skills to this very real problem in dogs, having done a great deal of research and training, therefore we are now offering a respite service for dogs who have Canine Cognitive Dysfunction. With specialist support and interaction whilst they stay with us giving you a much needed break.


How do we do this ?


We have devoted a part of our home for just this, so that your dog will be warm and comfortable and we will work with them to see that their day is filled with purposeful activity and pleasant moments. Devoting one to one time to them and using specialised activities, touch and music to help them get through their day, whilst you are taking a break. Its not just day care or overnight care its holistic, based on research and evidence based practice, therapeutic and a mindful experience for your pet. If your pet is so advanced with this disease we can provide comfort and warmth along with an emapthetic approach for what you and they are going through. We can offer counselling support and will work with you till the very end at your request, we can even be with you on that day which we all dread when you and your pet have to part so that they can cross the rainbow bridge on their final journey, we will support you all the way


                  Your peace of mind & most importantly your pets peace of mind is our business


If you want to know more, please fill in the contact form on the site with your details and telephone number or call Rosemary who will be happy to discuss your pets needs further


Prices for this service will be based on current needs and after a thorough assessment is conducted as to how we can support your pet, a quote will be offered after assessment. We cannot put a price on this unfortunately at this point as all pets will be in varying stages of Doggy Dementia and therefore each package of care will be different, however you can expect a fair and reasonable price.