Coventrydogs Terms and Conditions & Legal Information

Your dog must be non-aggressive.  Should it show aggressive tendencies towards the dog carer or their family, you accept that he/she will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return and that this will be subject to a £20.00 transfer charge.


Should your dog’s behaviour become uncontrollable, destructive or unreasonable, you accept that he/she will be placed in a dog boarding kennel until your return and that this will be subject to a £20.00 transfer charge.  You agree to pay the cost of any damage caused by your dog to the carer’s home and all costs relating to Kennel Charges.

You agree for the boarder to make any decisions regarding your dog’s health/welfare, providing it is acting in the best interest of your dog and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon. Alternatively, provide an emergency contact number for someone to make these decisions on your behalf. You agree to pay any vet bills that may be incurred on your return. You understand that in most cases Coventrydogs cannot undertake to pay your vet bills for you, you should therefore agree that an emergency contact person is willing to pay upfront should the vet require payment whilst you are away and on your behalf.


You agree that should you need to shorten your booking giving more than 2 weeks’ notice, we will refund any excess deposit paid less £20 administration fee.


You agree that should you need to shorten your booking giving less than 2 weeks’ notice there will be no refund of any deposit paid.


You agree that should you return from holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the end of your booking, you will not be entitled to any refund of any payment.


You agree that if you cancel your booking with less than 2 weeks’ notice you will lose your full deposit.


You agree that if you cancel your booking giving between 2 and 4 weeks’ notice you will lose 50% of your deposit.


You agree that if you cancel your booking giving more than 4 weeks’ notice you will receive a full refund of your deposit less £20.00 administration fee.


You agree that you are confirming your booking by paying the deposit only once a deposit has been received, will we will confirm the boarding arrangements.


You agree that coventrydogs is not repsonsible for grooming your dog/s during their stay unless you specifically ask and pay for such a service


You agree that all photographic mateiral Ie, videos and photos of your pets whilst our guests remain the property of Coventrydogs and can be published at Coventrydogs discretion for reasons such as marketing or social networking.


You agree that if you leave any belongings at coventrydogs and do not return for them withn 28 days coventrydogs may dsipose of such items as they see fit


You agree that if you do not return for your dog at the allocated agreed time and date we reserve the right to charge you £5 for every extra hour or daily rate at our discretion, if you do not return from your trip as stated and we are unable to continue to board your dog we will arrange for them to be put in kennels or rehomed and you will bear all charges relating to such actions.


You agree that if extra unforseen services are necessary in regard to caring for your pet/s you will pay all charges as invoiced by coventrydogs, ie washing of bedding, washing of pets, cancellation of other pet services due to care of your pet, family and relative visits will be charged for an hour of Coventrydogs time, false information on assesment form such as claiming your pet is fully house trained and it then transpires that they are not, resulting in soiling to any areas of Coventrydogs home environment, Coventrydogs accept that there will be the odd accident in terms of house training however if it becomes clear that your pet is NOT house trained during their stay then Coventrydogs reserve the right to charge for any damage or soiling that occurs due to false information afforded by owner.


All parties agree that if in the unlikely event that Coventrydogs due to unforeseen circumstances are unable to take your pet after booking has been confirmed then a full refund will be given and no administration charge will be incurred


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