What is the difference between your facility and kennels? We are a home boarding environment and not Kennels, this means that your pet will stay in a family home with family members but also have their own room when required and overnight. Our facilitly never really closes for dogs, they are with us in the house all night so if they need attention you can be sure we will hear or see their need and attend to them immediately, however we do believe that kennels are an option for some dogs and that not all dogs are appropriate for home boarding 


What are your office opening hours? Office Opening hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday with answerphone message service outside of these times. Due to attending to the needs of our guests you may need to leave a message. 


How can we arrange to view your facility? You are welcome to view our facility if you are serious about boarding your pet and only after we have accepted your pet as appropriate for home boarding, Once your pet has been accepted as appropriate for home boarding you are then welcome to come and view the rooms that your dog will sleep in overnight, we do not encourage people into our home who are not intending to board their pets as this is also our family home.  Also as a responsible business and our prime concern being your pet it is not an option to upset or disrupt the boarding pets routine by lots of viewings from other would be boarders. Therefore we ask that you observe this condition and respect our privacy and that of the pets who come to stay with us. 


Can we bring our pet/s along to a viewing? Due to the nature of the boarding facility and as a responsible business we do not encourage you to bring your pet along for a viewing of the Doggy rooms, we have found that this disrupts the boarding pets routine and as boarding pets are our primary concern we strictly observe this rule and ask that you do so too. 


At what point can you confirm a booking? Your pet will also be assessed as appropriate for home boarding before we can confirm a booking, this will involve in most cases a visit to your home to see how your pet interacts in a home environment. A 50% deposit of total price is required to confirm a booking 


Should I try a trial visit if I am unsure my pet will not settle? In some cases such as puppies who have never stayed away from home or dogs who have separation anxiety issues it may be possible to arrange a trial period to see how your dog behaves in our home, this allows peace of mind for you if you are unsure of how they might cope with home boarding and also allows us to see if your pet settles well with us.  If your pet is not appropriate due to behaviour or distress we will tell you as soon as you pick them up, please be mindful that we cannot always offer a trial stay due to other boarders occupying the rooms. Although themselves may not be in there, their belongings will be, so we will not allow another dog to take up this space, its a bit like booking a hotel room, you wouldnt expect someone to come and try it out whilst you are out and about and your belongings are in there. Therefore if you have any reservations about whether your pet will settle you need to be honest with yourself and with us.  


Can you 'pencil in' a booking?  We are unable to 'pencil in bookings' due to our many requests for home boarding. 


When will you confirm a booking? No boarding is confirmed until a 50% deposit is afforded and completed documentation is recieved and verified. Balance is always payable on first day of boarding. 


Information for all would be boarders: All boarders at time of boarding must bring their vaccination certificate/card with them for the duration of their stay including kennel cough, which will be held on file until you return, we cannot accept pets who do not have up to date vaccinations at the time of boarding and reserve the right to say no, if you have not updated your pets vaccinations when your pet comes to board but have upon assessment shown us relevant documentation at the point of an earlier assesment which has since become out dated,your deposit will remain non refundable and your pet will be refused entry to the premises. Kennel cough vaccine is  essential along with standard vaccinations and yearly boosters, we also require that your pet is regularly wormed and flea controlled  


What if my dog is coming into season?  We cannot accept dogs who are in season, therefore we only accept female dogs who are not likely to come into season to the best of your knowledge furthermore should your dog come into season when with us we will have to consider isolation, Isolation will mean that your pet will be kept away from other animals and will not be able to have the run of the house or garden but will be taken out for individual short walks where possible. If our isolation facility is not available due to usage by another pet or you do not consider this as an option we may have to place your pet into local Kennels. Clearly this is something you may want to consider very seriously if you have a Bitch that you are intending to breed in the future. Our license does carry restrictions in terms of Bitches in season and boarding with other dogs and we are responsibly bound by this.    


Do you accept pregnant dogs? 



At what age do you accept puppies? 

We cannot accept puppies under 12 weeks of age  


Why do you limit the type/breed of dogs that you accept for boarding ?

We have no personal bias against any breed of dog however from our experience certain dogs do need a certain type of handling and there are also dogs who do not socialse well with other pets. We ourselves have two very small dogs one which looks more like a rabbit than a dog, lol, we will not put her particulary at risk of the instincts of some breeds, neither would we expose other breeds who come to stay to the possibilty of a pack breakout.  Although your dog may socialise well in a park or elsewhere they may not settle in here with dogs unknown to them. Two of our grown up children own a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier and another has an Olde Tyme English Bulldog, neither of which board or come here, we feel that both of these dogs are outside of our competency and they are better placed in peoples hands who have that  particular breed experience.We also do not believe that we are 'expert' in all breeds and therefore on this basis we choose to only board dogs that we know we can handle and look after competently. Unlike other companies who have no restrictions on who they take and how they mix dogs up we believe our approach is respsonsible, and we can honestly say that after four years of trading we have never witnessed a dog fight here at coventrydogs.                                                                                


Do you offer group dog walking?


No we actually are one of the few companies locally who are against off lead walking, we only walk dogs on a one to one basis or if from the same family we will walk them with their own pack, but never more than 3 dogs at a time....we believe that four dogs form a pack and therefore pack mentality could break out if the dogs are handled incorrectly.


Some of our reasons why

  1. We are aware that although we love dogs, a lot of the general public are not dog lovers, thats okay with us, horses for courses, and so forth
  2. We understand that some dog walkers do not want other dogs bounding up to their dog
  3. We understand that people have disabilities both seen and unseen or frailties which can make them anxious when out in public and possibly the last thing they need is an out of control or over friendly(or not) dog bounding up to them
  4. We understand that not all children are familiar with dogs and the last thing we want to do is to allow a dog to run up to a child and make them afraid for life,we wish that all children will see the beauty of dogs in time without being fearful at a young age due to irresponsible dog handling
  5. We understand that some dogs who may be on a lead may be fearful of dogs without a lead and become anxious in the presence of a dog who is not under the control of an experienced handler


You are welcome to disagree with us but this is our philosophy and our business model and we stand by it however we do have access to a private field if needed but we only use this in the rarest of circumstances and with very good reason so please be mindful that: 


In public places such as street, lane, road walking, we NEVER let your dog off lead, after all we believe that only the owner of the dog has the ability for actual and ultimate recall, we will not take any risks with your dog. Your dog will however have plenty off lead time throughout the day, in the garden and on occasions, weather permitting in the field.


PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a dog walking as a single service, all walking here forms part of the boarding experience, all dogs who board are walked on lead in public areas and always have been and will be ensuring not only their safety from packs of unruly dogs the possiblity of getting lost (yes it does happen and has happened with other dog walking companies and kennels), but the safety of the general public, other pets and horses.


The only walking we might from time to time undertake is under our NHS & Care Home Service. This service requires professional referral from Qualified Health and Social Care Professionals.

We may also consider as part of the above service, referrals from agencies and charities

And finally we are our own worst critics, we do have a lot of rules and regulations that we follow and apply, even though it may mean we lost out on a lot of potential business. However we do not just pack them in and say yes to everythng. We quesion any type of environment that packs dogs in and does not limit the numbers and does not follow the regulations of vaccines and animal welfare licences.

There are many who operate just like that, but we do not. We are small and personal and your dog has our undivided attention when with us.


You are advised to read our Value for Money Page and see just what your £20 per day buys for your pets experience, then shop around, we are confident in our service and we offer an excellent service for a very fair price. Our regular and loyal customers will agree as we operate on practcailly 90% repeat business.