Television for your best friend




We have now installed in our doggy lounges television programmes exclusively made for dogs.


The idea behind bespoke doggy television is that dogs when left alone can become bored or lonely, think about it, when your dog is at home they hear the sounds of media in most homes throughout the day or evening, many of you will leave a radio or the television on when you are out. Well its just the same here, there is usually a television or music on somewhere throughout the environment and yes some of them do respond to various television programmes that's obvious when we see their ears prick up or even howl, or bark, lol.


We believe the familiar sounds of home help them settle and feel at ease whilst they are with us, whether its the sounds of Corrie, children's channels, sport or music channels ,dogs seem to recognise and respond in a relaxed fashion as the peripheral sounds of home are literally transported to their ears through the airwaves albeit in a different envirionment . A possible  welcome distraction from the fact they are not with their owners in their own homes for an unavoidable period of time.


There are times when we have to go out of course, for instance, dog walks , vets, shopping. Therefore during these times we will pop your pet into their individual  doggy lounge for a short period of time, but the last thing we want for them is to be distressed. So we thought why not provide specific researched programmes with dogs in mind and which are evidenced to help them relax, dispel any anxiety and so forth.


On this basis we now provide specific doggy television, for those times when they may be alone in their lounge.They can even have the telly on overnight if you and more importantly they want it on.


All this at no extra cost to boarding, we have to be honest the programmes we have seen so far are very watchable and enjoyable from a human point of view, so were sure the doggies really do enjoy them. With soothing sounds and  selected content especially researched for dogs, we hope this will further add to the overall boarding experience.


Be warned when you pick them up they may want you to install television for dogs also and we make no apology for this !