Some further information you may find helpful when choosing your dog boarding service freely offered without prejudice


A little bit about us and some things you should know when deciding on your dogs home boarder All boarding is HERE on OUR premises with US, no 'drop offs' to a team of boarders or other premises elsewhere


When you drop your dog off for boarding with us this is EXACTLY the place that they will stay they will be cared for by the business owners ONLY,we do not employ people here at Coventrydogs we are a small family business and we intend to keep it that way, it suits us and it suits our customers, were not empire building we don't have too, we truly deliver a 'home from home' boarding service,so your pet/s always feels at home in your abscence


We provide private secure rooms for you pet/s overnight, therefore no danger of pack mentality breaking out between any dogs whom are unknown to each other due to communal sleeping arrangements. Supervised communal areas are always accessible during the day and evening for socialisation and fun and just to merrily roam around at the dogs leisure Our licence is always on display along with our insurance for your perusal, you don't have to ask to see them or even if they exist ! because here at Coventrydogs you can be sure that they do


Due to having a licence to provide our service our insurance is comprehensive, non licensed premises in the Coventry area are unlikely to be covered by adequate insurance to board your pet, therefore your pets insurance may also be invalid when home boarding,you are advised to check this out in the best interests of the welfare of your pet. In order to obtain our license we had to provide evidence of our insurance to a Govt website which is then sent to Animal Welfare Teams and prove we have public liability insurance and host of other areas covered, therefore you need to think of the consequences when leaving your pet with an unlicensed boarder,ask yourself 'if something goes wrong which is the fault of the home boarder ! "WHO WILL PAY?" Don't simply take the word of the home boarder that they are licensed, make sure you see the certificate and insurance documents, many will claim to be licensed on their websites and advertising who simply ARE NOT !!!!


And finally even if Coventrydogs is not the service you are looking for and we accept it is not for everyone we would strongly advise you to contact the local dog wardens at Coventry City Council on: 02476 831832, who will be able to provide you with the details of the licensed providers in the city