Here at Coventrydogs we are often asked about our services and prices prices compared to kennels, so we thought we would show you a service comparison page, hopefully you will find it helpful.


We are also very different to other home boarders in that we are the only ones locally to our knowledge who provide private areas for sleeping and {sometimes if preferred by owner and dog} feeding arrangements for your pets by the provision of their own room.


As dog owners ourselves and understanding that dogs are essentially pack animals we fundamentally do not agree or believe that housing a group of unknown dogs together overnight in the same room is something that we would want for our own pets and that is why we provide comfortable fully furnished, heated room for your pet/s.


We appreciate that some dogs like to be left alone to eat and therefore here at Coventrydogs they have the privacy of their own room to dine in comfort and not feel under threat from another dog who may decide your pets bowl looks more appetising than their own!


We would also expect our dogs to be fully supervised overnight if they were boarded with other pets in case of a disagreement between them which of course can happen in the doggy world, so here with the provision of their own overnight room there is literally no danger of a dog fight ever happening and when they do mingle throughout the day and early evening they are always supervised by a competent adult. We are very proud to say that we have never had one dog fight break out here in our five years of trading.


This is the standard that we would require for our own beautiful pets and therefore we apply the exact same standard to your beautiful pets.




Private Fully furnished rooms  Chaise Lounges to sleep/ /relax on. CCTV for added security, we have CCTV throughout the environment and we can monitor your pets overnight with our in-house system,so they are never far from our eyes at any time. Our CCTV is also accessible on our phones when we are out walking for instance, so we always know who is nearby, be they good, bad or indifferent. Low footfall, we do not invite lots of people into the environment which will of course take the focus off your pet as we have a job to do here and like to deliver quality time to your pet whilst they are on their holidays/breaks/respite and so forth




Blocks,Floors or Houses with shared sleeping facilities




Overnight care, 24 hours per day and night, if your dog is pining we are there with them, soothing them and attending to their needs because we are small and personal we have the time and space to do this. During the evening your dog is with us in our space, spending time being cared for whilst watching the television or out in the garden or kitchen, we imagine this is how most owners spend their time with their pets


Overnight there is another boarding dog in the adjoining room, so your pet is never really alone,however there is a door that can be open if they sleep better that way, it is divided by a gate so no danger of a pack mentality break out and with owners consent of course the doors may be left open {some dogs do like it this way and we have had one or two love stories}, equally if you do not wish for your dog to see another dog during the night, we simply close the doors to their own quiet bedroom, your choice as always.




Some, not all, close their doors at 5/6pm, therefore your dog may not see another human being until the next morning, is this how you would normally spend your evening with your pet? we doubt it

You may like the option of having your dog sleep with other dogs in the same room on the furniture or floor, whom lets face it they probably do not know, personally we do not take the risk here and wouldn't with our dogs,but of course if this is your choice then Coventrydogs is probably not for you.




Daily brushing if necessary, eyes washed if necessary, teeth cleaned if requested, poop picking and monitoring of stools and urine output, trips to vets if required, feeding, fussing,walking,bathing if requested, play time, human contact throughout the day and night , one to one attention, doggy television, alpha music, {proven to calm anxious pets}. Professional carers, both in dogs and humans, having the benefit of a long term highly qualified health professional in residence, this really does help when it comes to understanding dogs as well as humans. Licensed, insured. DBS checked for your peace of mind.




Ask them, we would !!